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Reel Dialogue's top picks for 2021

Mon 3 Jan 2022
All of our writers weigh in this year

Between lockdowns, protests, and everything else Covid-influenced in 2021, a few films were released throughout the year. While some were holdovers from 2020, this year proved to be a strong year for blockbusters, fascinating independents and even some good documentaries.

Throughout the year, the Reel Dialogue team has been able to rely on many new solid writers who have kept this work rolling. This means everyone gets to weigh in on the question of their favourite films of the year.

See what our team listed as their top movies of 2021, click on the links to the reviews and send us your thoughts.

Do you agree with our choices? Which films did you like the most?

These films are not listed in order of preference and we will list the reviewers alphabetically by name.

Caleb Boersma

Caleb’s honourable mention

Cliff Philipiah

Cliff’s honourable mentions

Matt Townsend

Matt’s honourable mentions

Michael Walsh

Michael's honourable mentions

Nick Long

Nick’s honourable mention

Richard Soo

Richard’s honourable mentions:

Caroline Matthews

(Junior reviewer - Did not write reviews, but contributed throughout the year)

Russ Matthews

Top documentaries

Russ' Honourable Mentions

We hope you have blessed 2022. Enjoy the list and we hope to see you at the movies.

Thank you for your support and interaction with Reel Dialogue throughout the year.


  • Alt
    Mon, 17/01/2022 - 12:17pm reply

    There are definitely some interesting choices, here...but it shows that despite the long-ranging effects of the CV-19 pandemic, there is still a wide range of great films that had been released in 2021.

    It is our differing opinions that make us unique; if we all listed the same films, then there would be nothing for us to debate, discuss, agree & disagree on.

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