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Meet with other inquiring minds

Exploring the bigger questions of life is so much better when done in community. Join one of our many workplace or industry networks to meet other inquiring minds.

Explore extensive resources

There is an extensive library of resources available free online for you to explore in your own time and your own space. Explore our library of past talks, videos and blogs.

Hear from world-class thinkers

Join us at one of our thought-provoking events to hear from a range of world-class thinkers. Scientists, actors, politicians, philosophers, army chiefs and more!

Finding truth and meaning and purpose can be hard in a world saturated with information and misinformation. In such a busy and chaotic world, it's hard to find the space to explore the bigger questions about life, faith and culture. You sense there is more to life than meets the eye.

How can you discern truth in a post-truth world?

We can connect you into community and help you investigate Jesus

We've been operating networks, events and providing resources since 1991

We have access to world-class thinkers and speakers who are ready to engage with you on the bigger questions

We connect with thousands of people all around Australia every year

Ready to investigate? We can help

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You may decide that Jesus isn't for you. And that's ok. You will meet other inquiring minds, you will have extensive opportunities to investigate the person of Jesus and why Christians consider Him God made man. You will better understand the Christian worldview. And then you can decide for yourself.