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About Third Space

Third Space opens space for reflection and intelligent conversation about God and spirituality.

A third space is a space where the spiritual and the secular intersect. It is a safe space for you to find an engaging community and resources to help you explore spiritual issues, in particular, the person of Jesus as outlined in the Bible. Together, we engage thousands of workers from every worldview, all around Australia, every year.

Third Space is a national initiative of City Bible Forum, a non-denominational Christian organisation that began engaging city workers through public forums and small group meetings in Sydney in 1991. Third Space began as an innovative venture in 2019 has been reshaped, reimagined and integrated with the core organisation. 


Events & Public Forums

Our interactive events and public forums are designed for the curious, the thinkers, the sceptics. They include; The Edge, The Smith Lecture, Reel Dialogue, Bigger Questions and other Special Events.


A range of networks are available in each city, to help build community, connection and support. These include; in-house groups, men’s networks, women’s networks, networks for the recently unemployed, and more.

Bible reading

Meet with a team member or in a small group to read the Bible 1:1 to find answers to spiritual issues, explore your questions and deepen your knowledge of God.


Browse our extensive library of podcasts, videos, books, guides and other useful resources available for purchase or download.

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