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Sat 28 Aug 2021
This unassuming triumph that should be on people's watchlist

4.5 out 5 stars

No one would expect that a film that centres on fine cuisine would begin in the secluded forests of Oregon, but Pig is full of surprises. This tale of a kidnapped truffle hunting sow makes for one of the most profound and compelling stories of the year. Also, this story provides a cinematic vehicle for Nicolas Cage to show that he is an exceptional acting talent.

The Academy Award winner embodies the role of Robin Feld, a reclusive truffle forager who lives in the forests outside of Portland. He lives a quiet life of searching for valuable fungi with his talented pig. Their only contact to the outside world is the overly confident truffle broker, Amir (Alex Wolff), who only comes to take in the culinary treasure. Until one night when Rob’s prized swine is stolen and he is beaten to the point of unconsciousness. Once he awakens to a ramshackle cabin, the self-isolated hermit decides to head into the city to discover the location of his cherished animal.

Without a functional vehicle, Robin must rely on his less-than-enthusiastic employer to help. The pair begin the investigation into the kidnapped pig, which leads them to portions of the truffle hunter’s past that he had hoped to leave behind. Each step draws them into a twisted and vicious world of culinary rivalry. Amir begins to unearth the influence that Robin had within the intricate atmosphere of specialty cuisine. They both must confront their pasts and see how their journey can help them discover the fate of the treasured truffle hunter.

Despite a few whispers from the annals of cinematic judgment, there were meager expectations of Michael Sarnoski’s quiet little creation. This meant that this unassuming screenplay slowly creeps up on the viewer and then delivers a beautifully crafted tale of redemption, reconciliation, and strangely, it says so much about love. The young filmmaker’s screenplay manages to wrap itself around your soul. It will make all watching yearn for resolution of relationships and to one day get to eat one of the meals described in the film. For anyone who needs to reconcile with family or needs to reconsider where they are in life, Pig will make you rethink your journey.

Some could argue that this is Nicolas Cage’s best work and this could be the best film of the year. This is one of those performances that would define any actor’s career. At the same time, for Cage, this will make everyone wonder where he has been hiding. His confrontation with his former work colleague in his award-winning restaurant is worth the price of admission. Still, there is so much more on offer. This means that the credit must go to the outstanding writing and the casting director to give the lead role over to the long-forgotten actor.

Pig is twisted, arduous at times, and deeply thought-provoking without providing all of the answers. A brilliant, surprising story about a pig that should be on everyone’s watch list.

Reel Dialogue: Life is messy

When you see Nicolas Cage in Pig, All you can say throughout the film is when is this guy going to get a bath. Yet, his physical appearance is an outward expression of what the whole movie is trying to convey. Life is messy and sometimes we have to get down in the dirt to find ourselves.

Writer/director Michael Sarnoski’s well-crafted journey manages to show how most of us are all trying to reconcile our lives. Some with our relationships and others with where we have found ourselves in careers, families and personal choices. Our past always manages to catch up with us and we must confront things that we would rather hide in the closet or deep in the forests of Oregon.

At the heart of the message of the Bible called The Gospel, it addresses this very thing. Reconciliation of our past. Something that we cannot do on our own shows how God has had a plan to help us with this aspect of our lives. A solution that can be found in the life of Jesus Christ. Are you trying to find solutions for reconciling your past? The Bible has the answers.

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