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John Calvin

The great Genevan reformer
Thu 23 Jun 2022

2017 will mark half a millennium since the dawn of the European Reformation, an extraordinary religious, cultural, and political movement without parallel. For good or ill, we can trace in outline the shape of our modern way of looking at the world to these dramatic years.

In a series of three lectures, Dr Michael Jensen introduced us to three major figures of the Reformation era and shows how their ideas have relevance even today.

John Calvin - the great Genevan reformer has often been despised in modern times for his austerity and severity. And yet, his thought is crucial for the foundation of modern Western democracy and science, especially in the US. His thought has an abiding influence in global politics and economics, even in the nations of South East Asia. Is there more here than the cliché suggests?

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Highlight image Ary Scheffer, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons