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Who's the problem?

It's me
Fri 16 Dec 2022



Have you been listening to the new Taylor Swift album Midnights?

I have, but only because my 10 year old daughter has been playing it. Well maybe I’ve played it once or twice when she’s not around…

But what has struck me is how honest Taylor Swift is on so many tracks, perhaps especially in her song Anti-Hero, with those memorable lyrics

“It’s me, hi, I’m the problem, it’s me”

My TikTok account has been filled with people singing along to that lyric describing how it relates to them.

Because the fact is we all know deep down we make mistakes, we let people down, the fault actually sometimes lies with us.

But recognising this is actually positive, because it opens up the way for us to be restored.

Ultimately it’s a lyric we need to say, or better still, pray to God.

And when we do, we’ll find He’s always ready to forgive.

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