Did You Lock the Front Door? | Third Space

Did You Lock the Front Door?

How to live in faith rather than fear
Sun 12 Mar 2023


Bible reference(s): Romans 8:1

Have you ever left home only to turn back a few minutes later to check whether you've locked the front door? Or having to turn back to check the car door to make sure you've locked it after parking?

The sense of not feeling safe creates fear and this fear can be really motivating.

It changes our behaviour in an instant. Our fear of running late to the dinner party is overtaken by the fear of someone breaking into our home or car.

The world continues to throw such worries at us and drives us to operate from a position of fear.

God promises that a relationship with Him through Jesus is not one filled with fear, but with faith. When we trust in Jesus, He holds us safe.

We don't have to constantly turn back for fear we've made the wrong decision to follow Jesus.

Jesus is our security, and frees us to live in faith, rather than fear.

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