Delorean Philosophy: If not Tate then who? | Third Space
An Undeceptions Podcast
Date: Wed 7 Dec 2022
Digital, social media, Media and current affairs

The internet has spoken: Andrew Tate is cancelled as a male role model. But has anyone given any thought as to who should take his place?

Steve McAlpine considers the near-universal agreement that Andrew Tate is not a suitable role model for young men, but poses the question, ‘Where to from here?’

Who are the role models who show what healthy masculinity is supposed to be like? And if we’re not sure, then there’s little chance the next generation of men is going to be either.

Many of the alternate voices that attempt to define masculinity have zero connection with most young men. They suggest a path that has more to do with the absence of anything particularly masculine. Some even suggest that the opposite is true: the more feminine a man is, the safer he will be.

However, Steve says, the opposite is true.

The more men who will sacrificially love and care for those around them, the safer our society will be, especially for the vulnerable. The man who has a healthy masculinity is concerned to care for others… the truly masculine man makes the people around him feel safe.

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