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It's Ok, You Belong - Mastering the fear of being a fake

Videos of speakers: Justine Toh and Steve King
Thu 17 May 2018


Ever feel like you’re a fraud? That you’re just not cut out for your job? And that someday, you’re going to be found out—and cast out?

You’re not alone. Tech billionaires, Hollywood celebrities, award-winning authors, business executives, and many other highly capable individuals all suffer from Imposter Syndrome: the persistent fear of being a fake.

Come hear two speakers grapple with their imposter experience, the strategies they use to keep their fear of phoniness at bay, and then pose your own questions to them.

You might find you’re in good company.

Come along to The Edge to hear from two thought leaders in this field of study. After the talks, Dr. Sam Chan of City Bible Forum will allow you to interview the speakers and take them to the edge of the topic


Dr. Justine Toh is Senior Research Fellow at the Centre for Public Christianity. She worked at Fairfax Digital and Reuters Australia before completing her doctorate in Cultural Studies at Macquarie University. Justine speaks and writes about the way the Christian story renews all of life, and is especially interested in exploring big questions of meaning and purpose through the (seemingly) mundane moments of the everyday.

Steve King is the Senior Product Manager for Enterprise offerings at Atlassian, sits on industry boards and panels and is a passionate advocate for social impact and early-stage corporate philanthropy with Pledge 1%. Steve speaks and teaches about modern teamwork, abstract problem solving and product management for startups. Do more with less, and always do what you love to.

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