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Toilet paper

But if we run out of toilet paper, what do we do?
Wed 1 Jun 2022
Bible reference(s): Psalm 69

What is it about running out of toilet paper?

If we run out of milk, it’s inconvenient.

But if we run out of toilet paper, it’s an utter catastrophe.

It’s hard to imagine being any more desperate – than that moment when you use up the last piece of toilet paper.

Your pants are down. You are utterly helpless!

What can we do?

This is when I like to read Psalm 69 because the person writing Psalm 69 is even more desperate than we are!

They describe themselves as:

- disgraced

- covered in shame

- mocked and scorned

but they call out to God and God saves them.

We worship a God who saves:

- he raised Jesus from the dead

- and one day he will also raise us from the dead

But in the meantime, it might be a good idea to stock up on toilet paper.

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