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Neighbour wave

To wave or not to wave? That is the question
Tue 1 Nov 2022



My neighbours’ cars look the same.

They have the same shapes and colours – black, white, or silver.

So, when we pass each other in our cars, I never know to wave or not wave.

If I wave – but it’s not them – that’s awkward.

But if I don’t wave – and it’s them – that’s rude.

What should I do?

Maybe I need to be kinder to myself.

My neighbours probably don’t know it’s me either! My car also looks the same to them as every other car.

But it does show that, at heart, we’re all deeply insecure. Worried that we offended. Worried that we won’t be forgiven. Worried that we won’t be liked.

That’s why we need to look to Jesus to be secure. We know exactly where we stand. We did offend him. But he did forgive us. And now we belong with him. Forever. No matter what.

Even if we don’t wave.

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