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Married With No Sight

A marriage worth observing
Thu 9 Mar 2023



Are you one of the 1.29 million Australian viewers who tuned into Married at First Sight (MAFS) last month? According to the Sydney Morning Herald, MAFS came in as the most viewed reality TV show the week it premiered its current season.

Since its premiere, I have dedicated no less than five hours a week to the show. It is addictive. Suddenly, I've become an expert on relationships, sitting on my own couch and shaking my head in dismay at the dishonesty, deceit, and drama.

It's like some of the cast can't see themselves for who they are.

Whether you believe in God or not, wanting trust, love, honesty and sacrifice in a marriage feels universal, and a show like MAFS highlights this.

We are wired to value such things.

In fact, in the Bible, God describes His relationship with His people as a marriage between Jesus and the church.

This is a marriage in full sight. It is sacred, sacrificial and everlasting.

Now, that is a marriage worth observing.

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