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Will we always descend into chaos?

Thu 18 Jun 2020
The Kitchen Table - Episode 6
evil, chaos, The Lord of the Flies
Bible reference(s): Ezekiel 36

Do humans beings inevitably descend into evil and chaos? It seems as though the veneer of civilisation is only skin deep. Are human beings destined always to fight. Will the mob always turn ugly? How can humanity be united and work together? In this episode of The Kitchen Table, David Robertson and Stephen McAlpine discuss the 1954 classic novel 'The Lord of the Flies' and the present day perspective that religion is part of the problem.

Resources to Consider:

Vishnal Mangalwadi – The Book that made your world.

The Real Lord of the Flies


  • Alt
    Thu, 25/06/2020 - 1:33am reply

    Sanity at last the missing part of the jigsaw. One gets tired of ploding along having to play lip service to the boring old delusion.
    Could I order a bottle of your truth juice to put into the communion wine of my
    C of S brothers and sisters.

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