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God in Film Guide: Hunt for the Wilderpeople

Nature just got gangster
Wed 25 May 2022
Bible reference(s): Proverbs 28:13

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Ricky Baker (Julian Dennison) has literally come to the end of the road. He is a victim of the foster care system and the last resort is to bring him to the edge of the New Zealand bush. With all of his delinquent tendencies, the child care officers are desperate to find Ricky a home and they manage to find him the most unlikely family pairing in Bella (Rima Te Miata) and Hector Faulkner (Sam Neill).

After a bumpy start and a few attempts at running away, they slowly become a unique family unit, primarily due to the persistent motherly love and care of Bella. Just as things are settling in for this familial trio, tragedy strikes and child protective services determine that they need to relocate Ricky, again. Knowing the system well and not wanting to return to that world, he decides to make it on his own in amongst the millions of hectares of the New Zealand bush. Not long after his escape attempt, Hector tracks Ricky down with the intention of sending him back to the government authorities. Then in the process of capturing the young fella, he unintentionally makes them fugitives of the law and forces them to go further into the bush to keep both of them out of the hands of law enforcement. Through the process of running, their relationship grows stronger while a national manhunt ensues to find the pair of unassuming wanted pair.