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Fame and Influencers

How do we respond when we aren't in the spotlight?
Sat 26 Nov 2022


Bible reference(s): James 4:10

There are many films about the rise and fall of famous stars.

These movies allow audiences to see the human experiences of these individuals who spend various lengths of time in the spotlight.

To a lesser degree, we all experience this as we progress through life. Success can come from sport, academics, business, or other endeavours, but how do we deal with those moments when we aren't in the spotlight?

The issue comes down to where we place our worth and identity.

Suppose you put your trust in the accolades of others and in achieving goals. This can lead to disappointment.

While in James 4 it says to Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will exalt you.

The solution is to place your trust in the Lord for your worth. If all you do is done for the Lord's honour, regardless of how mankind responds to it, you will be encouraged by God.

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