Deeper Questions Episode 7: "Why am I still alone?" | Third Space

Deeper Questions Episode 7: "Why am I still alone?"

Is it meaningful to be single?
Fri 30 Jun 2023



Episode 7: “Why am I still alone?"

The rates of people who live alone are the highest they have been in over a century. Compared to life 100 years ago, fewer people are marrying, there are more single parent families than ever recorded and more people are living together but not getting the piece of paper to confirm it. Being alone is a normal part of being human, so why is so much of our culture built around people having a romantic partner?

Dr Danielle Treweek did her PhD in singleness from a theological and anthropological perspective, she’s since gone on to write a scholarly book called “The meaning of Singleness”. Dani blogs on her substack and eloquently speaks her mind on twitter.

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