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Deeper Questions Episode 17: "How do we find our voice?" with Grace Tame

Especially in the dark times
Thu 16 Nov 2023

Episode 17: “How do we find our voice?"

Deeper Questions is a show that seeks to explore a vast array of topics and experiences in the spirit of curiosity and listening. This exploration will sometimes include heavy and uncomfortable themes that may shake us up and affect us in important ways, but they may also change us for the better. For this episode we have a very special guest joining us - the one and only Grace Tame. We spend the episode zigging and zagging through some of her experiences and reflections on life. I find her voice refreshing and something that can help us find ours in the midst of adversity and trials. Very thankful for her honesty and openness here.

Since being announced Australian of the Year in January 2021, Grace has become a household name as a brave and passionate advocate for a number of important social causes, but especially for the systemic change to prevent child sexual abuse. The Grace Tame Foundation works with government, not-for-profits, legal experts and educators to improve protections in legislation and to inform and educate people in our communities about sexual abuse and survivor issues. She’s also written a memoir The Ninth Life of a Diamond Miner, which we discuss at length here.

*Warning: This episode contains references to the sexual abuse and assault of minors, trauma, and other graphic content which some listeners may find distressing. Resources are available below if you’d like to talk to someone.

Survivor Resources:
1800 RESPECT - 1800 737 732
Grace Tame Foundation

Other References:
Silver Bullet Podcast
Grace's commissioned piece for John Cleese
Georgia M. Winters & Elizabeth L. Jeglic (2016): Stages of Sexual Grooming:Recognizing Potentially Predatory Behaviors of Child Molesters, Deviant Behavior
Review of ‘The Game’ on the Podcast “If Books Could Kill”
Grace’s article on Crikey
Spotlight movie (2015)

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