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Christianity & Sexual freedom

Thu 4 Jun 2020
The Kitchen Table - Episode 4
Tom Holland, Dominion, sexuality, puritanism
Bible reference(s): 1 Corinthians 6:18-20

Doesn’t Christianity cause harm by suppressing natural sexual appetites? The ancient Greeks, Romans and Pagans had a healthy natural view of sex, didn't they? But then along came Paul and Augustine to create a repressive view which existed in the West until the 1960’s liberating sexual revolution. Is that accurate?? If so, why do we have the "Me Too Movement"? Why are so many people demanding their bodies be respected? Join David Robertson and Stephen McAlpine as they explore the Christian view of sexuality, referencing the brilliant Historian Tom Holland.

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Image: Ciro Ferri: Triumph of Bacchus, Triumph of Bacchus, oil on canvas by Ciro Ferri, 17th century.

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