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Asking for Help

How a Tongan band teaches us about asking for help
Fri 24 Nov 2023



An endearing film worth discovering is Red, White & Brass—the true story of a Tongan band who would play at the Rugby World Cup.

In the film, the lead character represents that friend in your life who has big dreams, but may only think things through after committing everyone around them to the seemingly impossible task.

Yet, we still love and are willing to assist them when they need it.

Within the storyline of this lovely film, there is proof that human existence cannot be achieved without help from others and asking for help when you need it.

This redemptive assistance can be found at the core of Christianity;

and can be achieved through the help of God and His people.

Sometimes, the first step in any situation is asking for help from others and God.

What do you need help with? Why not reach out to your friends and God today?

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