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An Ahistoric Age

Culture Crossroads
Thu 27 Oct 2022



Culture Crossroads - How to capture the past without cancelling the future

Speaker: Dr Sarah Irving-Stonebraker

The past does hold power over us. Our birthplace, our family heritage, and our shared history all have made us who we are today. We carry all of these experiences with us each day. Yet, as we look at our history, some of these memories make us cheer, some are forgettable, while others cause us to shake our heads in shame.

How do we respond to life's mixed bag of contradictions? We all can respond differently, there are some who prefer to cancel and curate. It is difficult to get the images out of your mind of people tearing down and vandalising statues around the world. While others choose to ignore it all and merely 'live in the now' or just turn up the volume on their Spotify playlist to drown it all out. Is there a better way to peer into the past?

Why are we so fearful of our past mistakes? How can we make the most of history and capture the future?

Check out the The Edge content where we stop at one of the cultural crossroads of our time.

Other speakers: Stephen McAlpine + panel discussion with Jeri Jones Sparks

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