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Where can you find lasting peace?

Is there any way that we can find lasting peace?
Wed 22 Jul 2020
Bible reference(s): Ruth 1

In the book of Ruth, we are confronted with scenes of disruption, dislocation and loss. The sorts of things we normally look to for security are pulled out from under the main characters. The future looks bleak and uncertain. But we see that Ruth offers an alternative option. An option where true peace can be found, even in the midst of uncertainty.

Things looked like they were improving, but then they got worse again. As things keep going wrong, there is no clear end in sight. The future is uncertain.

We are not the first people to live through such times. In fact, this description could be applied to the situation faced by people we meet in the book of Ruth just as easily as it does to us. There is plenty that we can learn from Ruth.

The Book of Ruth narrates what is arguably the sweetest story in the Bible. It makes for a nice change of pace in the midst of our uncertain times. Despite its sweetness, Ruth doesn’t hide from the reality that life is anything but straightforward. Life can be full of uncertainty, disappointment and grief. Join us online at Bible Shots as Lachlan Orr takes us through the book of Ruth and helps us to consider what lessons we can learn as we face an uncertain future.