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Science and Ethics

Can science teach us to be good?
Wed 27 Aug 2014


Bible reference(s): Colossians 1:16

Is science alone able to help us make ethical decisions or is something more required?

Who decides how we should live our lives and run society? What's the relationship between the nature of things as biological material and the way we function socially? What is the relationship between the sciences and ethical behaviour?

Dr Lewis Jones argues that there is something in the "nature of things" that points to their correct purpose. How can we tell what the proper use of things are from their nature?

As part of this talk, there are a series of statements that you will need to complete.

If X is true, therefore we should____?

1) The visible mass of the universe is arranged like soap bubbles in a sink, therefore we should______?

2) The ice-caps are melting, therefore we should______?

3) Asylum seekers die at sea coming to Australia, therefore we should _____?

4) Smoking tobacco kills 15,000 ppl every year in Australia, therefore we should___?

Take the time to think about how scientific discovery and knowledge can lead towards ethical behaviour.

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