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New Atheism at Legal - The origin of Atheism

Thu 10 May 2012



The New Atheism Series.

Christianity has come under strong criticism from men such as Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens. As recently as 13-15 April, 4,000 people attended the Global Atheist Convention in Melbourne. PZ Myers rallied the delegates to "demolish the City of God" and "make the bastards tremble".

Are the criticisms of the New Atheists justified and in what sense are they new? CBF Legal addresses these and other questions in the month of May.

Edwin Judge

Upon receiving his honorary doctor of letters from Sydney University in 2006, Emeritus Professor Edwin Judge was described as one of the leading academic figures in modern Australia. He has founded numerous academic journals and research centres and has the Ciceronian ability to arouse, excite, alarm and electrify his listeners and readers. He founded the Ancient History department at Macquarie University for which he is now Emeritus Professor. He is a historian of culture and inherited traditions.

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