Motherhood | Third Space


In film and the Bible
Sun 10 May 2020
Bible reference(s): Luke 8:19-21, Proverbs 31

On Mothers Day, everyone is running around wondering what to get their beloved mums on this day.

Here is an unique gift option to consider. A message from cultural commentator and writer Ben McEachen on the subject of mothers. Specifically, mums in films and the Bible.

Ben digs into his vast encyclopaedia knowledge of films. Then he looks into Luke 8 to discuss how mothers are represented in our lives and the media.

Details of Ben McEachen: He is the Deputy Editor - Eternity News at Bible Society Australia. What do you get when you combine a professional film reviewer, a theology degree and editing/management experience? Ben. Prior to his previous role at Eternity, he worked at Empire Magazine Australasia. Also, Ben freelanced as the sole film reviewer for several News Corp Sunday newspapers, and regularly contributed to various high-profile radio and TV programmes.

Originally given to Rouse Hill Bible Church ( for Mothers Day.

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