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GFC2 Have we learned anything yet?

Reflecting on the Global Financial Crisis
Wed 1 Aug 2012



Just when we thought it was safe to dive into the markets, the prospect of another crisis has loomed again. Or have the problems of 2008 never really been resolved? The Forum examines whether this is just another cycle or a seismic shift in the world economy.

This discussion from 2012 reflects on timeless subjects of economic theory, market value, home ownership and risk that continue to drive us.

Ross Gittins has been the economics editor of the Sydney Morning Herald since 1978. In 2008 he was made a member of the Order of Australia for service to journalism as a commentator on economics.

Simon Pillar (Wednesday forum) founded Pacific Equity Partners in 1998. He has been a partner with consulting firm Bain & Company, and worked with Bain and The LEK Partnership in Los Angeles, Singapore and Sydney.

Richard Denniss (Wednesday forum) is the Executive Director of the Australia Institute. He is also an Adjunct Professor at the Crawford School of Economics and Government at the Australian National University.

Tim Harcourt (Thursday forum) the author of The Airport Economist, is the first J.W. Neville Fellow in Economics at the Australian School of Business at UNSW. For over a decade he was the first chief economist of Austrade.

Oliver Greeves (Thursday forum) is a former senior banker at Chase Manhattan, New York. He is currently a partner in Pharos Coaching, a leading leadership development and executive coaching company.

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