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Artificial Intelligence - How A.I. unlocks the future Q and A

Justine Toh moderates this Q and A between Sam Chan and Craig Price
Fri 24 May 2019

Artificial intelligence influences our everyday lives - from easy autotext to creepy tailored ads to complex algorithms that replicate the human brain.

As boundaries blur and new horizons open, A.I.’s existence is exciting, confounding and concerning all at the same time.

Where might A.I. take us and what does it mean for you as an intelligent human being?

Watch as moderator Justine Toh takes the topic of AI to The EDGE and hear from one expert who works in the world of artificial intelligence and an ethicist who will tackle what it means for you and me.


Craig Price is the Executive Manager of Data Science at Suncorp. He is a qualified actuary with more than 25 years experience in the financial services sector. The intersection of Christianity and science has been a personal interest of his for some time. Outside of work he is passionate about Christian education and international development.

Dr Sam Chan is a "double doctor" - a medical doctor with a PhD in theology - who speaks on life, meaning and faith. He is hopeless at dancing, rugby and karaoke - but he does know the words to American Pie (or maybe just the chorus).


Justine Toh is Senior Research Fellow at the Centre for Public Christianity. She worked at Fairfax Digital and Reuters Australia before completing her doctorate in Cultural Studies at Macquarie University. Justine speaks and writes about the way the Christian story renews all of life, and is especially interested in exploring big questions of meaning and purpose through the (seemingly) mundane moments of the everyday.