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Is the resurrection just wish fulfilment?

Sun 4 Apr 2021
Is the resurrection and hope of eternal life too good to be true?
Jesus' resurrection
Resurrection, wish fulfilment
Bible reference(s): Mark 16:1-8

According to the German philosopher Ludwig Feuerbach, the idea of the resurrection of Christ was nothing more than an echo of the deep human longing for immediate certainty of personal immortality.

Was the resurrection of Jesus simply wish fulfilment? Is it too good to be true? How is the resurrection of Jesus good news today?

Our guest is Helen Bell. Helen previously worked as a policy advisor for Commonwealth Treasury on GST. She now works for a Christian group with university students at LaTrobe university.

She will share in a profound and powerful way how the resurrection of Jesus makes a difference in her life. We ask Helen some Bigger Questions.

This episode was recorded before a live audience in Melbourne's CBD in July 2017.

This episode was originally broadcast and released on 20th August 2017, hence the absence of an episode number.

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