Ep 87: Where can I find wisdom? | Third Space

Ep 87: Where can I find wisdom?

Sun 22 Oct 2017
Bible reference(s): Ecclesiastes 7:10-8:1

Wisdom is such an 'old-fashioned' concept. Wouldn't we rather be smart, witty, well-educated, worldly, or thoroughly organised? What is the value in wisdom and why should we want it?

With a background in music and a love of Jazz, Andy Judd is also a Bible College graduate. After extensive study of the wisdom found through the Biblical book of Ecclesiastes, Andy shares why it's not only relevant but essential learning for a modern worker.

This episode was recorded before a live audience in Melbourne's CBD in September 2017.

You can explore the bigger questions raised in this episode through the accompanying Chasing Life reading guide. It contains further questions, stories and reflections to help you think more about the Old Testament book of Ecclesiastes.

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