Ep 51: When miracles happen | Third Space

Ep 51: When miracles happen

Hear stories of when miracles happen, but how can someone trust Jesus when they don't?
Sun 7 Aug 2016
Bible reference(s): Mark 8:22-26

"Who's not to say that a God who made miracles happen 2000 years ago can't do the same today"

When do miracles happen?

Our guest, Linda Bailey, makes miracles happen for CBM as she coordinates Miracles Day - providing the "miracle" of sight for the poorest in the world. Is this really a miracle or just science working?

Linda reflects on Jesus, a miracle worker and the inspiration for herself and CBM. And she also shares about when miracles don't happen and the struggle that has been for her.

This episode of Bigger Questions was recorded under the show's previous title 'Logos Live', and part of the Words to Live by series of May 2016.

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