Can God really be there amidst the pain? | Third Space

Can God really be there amidst the pain?

Reflecting on the problem of pain
Sun 20 Jun 2021
Bible reference(s): Matthew 13

The problem of suffering and evil is a common reason to reject God. How can God be powerful and loving if there is pain in the world? We confront this big question and consider how our tears can be transformative.

Our guest is evil expert John Hudson. John grew up in Melbourne, studied Mathematics and Computer Science at RMIT and is now the pastor of a church in Melbourne. He also has thought extensively about the problem of evil.

This episode of Bigger Questions was previously released as Episode 4 under the show's previous title 'Logos Live' in March 2015. Hence the absence of an episode number. It was recorded before a live audience in Melbourne's CBD as a part of the Myth or Truth series in August 2014.

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