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Conversations on Spiritual Wellness

Three conversations starters for you and your friend
Mon 28 Sep 2020



2020 has been a difficult season. At City Bible Forum, we want us to be checking in on each other, to see how we’re coping physically, mentally and socially. And, in doing so, help us to "look up" and reflect on how these elements of wellness form part of a holistic spiritual whole.

This booklet is designed to be shared with others. Wellness and spiritual are for all people.

These short reflections are designed to be used in pairs. Use them to check in one-on-one with the people around you. Is anyone vulnerable? Is anyone alone? Is anyone having a difficult time in this season? A conversation with them may be a source of comfort and hope. There are three sessions: physical wellness, mental wellness and social wellness.

If you would like to discuss what 'next steps' looks like for you or your friend, send an email to and we'll connect with you.

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