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You do you: sex

‘You do you.’ Is there a better motto for life and how we love others?
Wed 18 Nov 2020



‘You do you’ sounds good. It encourages people to be authentic, to be true to who they are. Surely, a world full of conflict and division would benefit from more people adopting ‘you do you’ as a guiding principle in their dealings with others?

But what would life look like if everyone did adopt such a ‘you do you’ attitude? What if ‘you do you’ is not as loving as we first think and actually leads to more conflict and division?

Is there a better way to live and to love? Stephen McAlpine argues that ‘you do you’ is not a loving attitude when it comes to issues like freedom, sex, pleasure and spirituality. Steve will also help us consider that a better way to live and to love is found in the pages of the Bible and the message of Jesus.

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