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The Wrong Impression

Getting the wrong impression from a few short internet clips
Sun 21 Apr 2024



Lately, my TikTok feed has been filled with videos of dangerous Australian animals; huge snakes in the roof, giant spiders in the bathroom, kangaroos attacking people on the street.

The videos are usually flooded with comments from people overseas terrified about how wild and dangerous Australian animals are. (Although most Australians in the comments don't try and correct them.)

You know it's easy to get the wrong impression about something just from a few short clips on the internet.

Take Christianity for example—a news story here, a short sermon clip there, and it's easy to get the wrong impression.

Don't get me wrong; Christians make all sorts of mistakes.

But I often tell people if you really want to know what Christians are like,

you need to go and see for yourself.

Visit a church community, maybe your impression will get changed.

Just like those people who visit Australia, only to find we don't all have kangaroos hopping down our street.

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