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The world is broken

What is God doing about this mess?
Mon 22 Apr 2024



As you watch the news, television shows or the latest movie, it is like seeing an object lesson in the depravity of creation.

Two questions that need to be asked in light of what you see are:

One: what is God doing about this mess?

While Two: Is there any hope for this broken world?

These are two monumental questions for the ages. Not to be trite or too minimalistic, but

the answer to these questions can be found in the person of Jesus.

Not that it is a simple answer, and even after studying it out, you need to know that the world will remain broken for some time.

Still, the answer does find hope and solutions in the life and death of the man that many call Christ.

Pick up one of the accounts of his life and see how God answers this multi-layered query with one man.

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