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Wishing for a Goldilocks lifestyle

Thu 21 Apr 2022
Where can we find 'just right?'
Lifestyle and well-being
Contentment, Jesus, Rain, Goldilocks, Just right
Bible reference(s): Philippians 4:13

We’ve had no rain in Perth for months, but I land on the Gold Coast recently and 300MM the day I arrived.

I grumbled for months about no rain, then grumbled for a week about too much!

Why can’t I have a Goldilocks amount of rain?

Not too much, Not too little?

Perhaps You’ve seen Sports star posters with the verse on it - ‘I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me’

Turns out that it is not about shooting hoops, running faster or throwing furthest.

It’s about being content in the not-so goldilocks moments

  • Whether I’ve got a little - I can be content
  • Whether I’ve got a lot - I can be content

The secret is - according to the context - Having Jesus

Jesus gives us the strength to cope with the extremes

Not because of us, but because of him

Rain or Shine

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