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Why People Dress Like Kramer

Dressing like the beloved Seinfield character...why?
Tue 3 Oct 2023



The latest look is to dress like Kramer from the '90s TV show Seinfield.

As a guy, you can wear dad jeans and sneakers. You can wear impossibly skinny pants.

Or...you can dress like Kramer: baggy pants, boxy short-sleeved shirts and lobster prints.

But why is this cool again? Because it screams comfort, summer and Kramer's love for life.

As they say, clothes make the man.

Dressing like Kramer makes you cool—in both fashion and temperature. But this look only works on tall, thin men.

What if I'm short?

What I feel the cold?

What if rayon makes me itchy?

Just as well, the Bible offers other fashion alternatives.

The Bible says to put away our old look of shame and put on instead, the beauty of Jesus.

This is a look we can rock all year round.

But you're still going to have to ditch the cardigan. They'll never be cool. They also make me itchy.

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