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Why Have I Never Noticed the Jeep Wave?

Tue 4 Jan 2022
Because I wasn’t looking for it
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How come everybody knows about the Jeep Wave except me?

I’ve driven a Jeep for 10 years – but I’ve only just discovered the Jeep Wave.

The Jeep wave is when two Jeeps pass each other on the road. One Jeep driver will wave and the other driver will wave back

Every time I pass another Jeep – there it is – the Jeep wave! How have I not seen it until now? Because I wasn’t looking for it.

It’s the same with us and God. God waves to us everyday.

It’s there when God makes the sun rise. It’s there when he makes it rain. It’s there when he feeds the magpie. How come we haven’t noticed the God wave?

Because we haven’t been looking for it. But now that we look for it. We will see God waving to us everyday

When God waves at you today, give him a wave back

And welcome to the club

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