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Why do we love watching sport?

Cheering for the 'home team'
Tue 23 May 2023



Why do we love sport?

Sport is so popular and whilst there is little we can do to alter the result,

it can deeply affect us—we cheer, we scream and shout as our team aims to win glory and honour.

There is a human instinct to support our side—in the quest to win honour and glory—and we seem to like being connected to a champion:

someone or something who represents us, who becomes the one we cheer for and who fights for our team's glory.

The good news is that no matter how successful or unsuccessful our sports team might be, the Christian faith as the ultimate champion:

Jesus Christ, who fights for us to defeat our greatest opponent—sin and death—giving us ultimate glory; and this makes Team Jesus the best team to be part of.

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