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Why do we love origin stories?

Where did it all begin?
Sun 10 Jul 2022
Bible reference(s): Genesis 2, Psalm 139

Why do we love origin stories?

Many popular movies are about the origin of certain characters or situations - how they
came to be - Batman Begins, X-men origins, Star Wars - the Phantom Menace.

But it’s not just movies - we are fascinated by our own origins - as millions of people get DNA tests to discover their ancestors.

Origin stories help explain, define and shape who we are today.

But what about the origin story for all of humanity?

Well, the modern scientific origin story is: In the beginning, there was nothing, which
exploded. It’s impersonal, mindless and purposeless.

Or there is the Biblical origin story, which claims that we were deliberately, purposefully, and wonderfully made in the image of God for relationship with God and others.

I wonder which origin story best explains our desire for love, relationship and meaning?