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Why do we love humble people?

Sat 11 Jun 2022
Humility as an example
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Why do we love humble people?

This is curious because humility hasn’t always been a prized virtue in society. In fact, ancient thinkers and philosophers didn’t really value humility before an equal or a lesser person at all.

Indeed, modern philosopher Alasdair MacIntyre once said, “Aristotle would certainly not have admired Jesus Christ and he would have been horrified by St Paul’

Why? Because of their view of humility.

Because the Apostle Paul encouraged humility and held up Jesus Christ as the greatest example of humility - of someone who humbled himself by leaving heavenly splendour and glory to become a human and to die a humiliating death on a cross.

So it’s intriguing that this humble act changed the world and also changed how we valued humility today.

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