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Why Do Runway Models Look So Grumpy?

God changes our frowns into smiles
Thu 16 Nov 2023



Runway models are impossibly good-looking. They wear great clothes. People worship them.

But they look miserable! Why?

Maybe they're too focused. Strutting in stilettos, with ill-fitting clothes, into blinding lights, on narrow runways.

They've got no buffer to smile.

Maybe they're too cool to smile. They're fashion gods. We're mere mortals; why bother smiling at us?

But isn't that what makes God so amazing?

God's got a whole universe to run—but He's still got time to smile upon us.

More than that, God picks us up, puts His designer clothes onto us, He parades us on His runway. And He replaces our frown with His smile.

That's why the Christian life is more than talking about Jesus; it's also walking like Jesus.

Or should that be strutting like Jesus? The stilettos are optional.

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