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Why can't I do the Sudoku?

You just need the pattern
Wed 10 May 2023



Aaargh! I can't do the Sudoku. But my friends say it's easy—you just fill in the blanks. But how do I know what to put in?

My friends tell me it's all logical. The numbers are all there, hidden in the logic.

I just have to discover the pattern.

But right now, I can't see it.

God's wisdom is the same—it's built into His world.

There's a logic. There's a pattern.

If we go against it, we will mess up. But if we go with it, His wisdom will fill in our blanks, and God will complete us.

But here's the problem—we're so blind to God's logic, that God's logic had to become a person: Jesus Christ, to reveal God's wisdom to us.

If we go against Jesus, we will mess up. But if we go with Him, He will complete us.

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