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Why bother with bathroom scales?

Hoping for a miracle
Fri 9 Jun 2023



Why do I bother weighing myself on the bathroom scales? When I eat things the night before—like ice cream, apple pie and choc-chip cookies—the next morning, I weigh myself.

But, why?

Because deep down, I'm hoping for a miracle. I'm hoping against all hope that I will have lost weight and not gained weight. I'm hoping that somehow, I will be back down to my pre-dad-bod high school weight.

Deep down, we all hope for miracles.

But miracles rarely happen. That's why they're called miracles.

That's why it's a miracle that God loves us all. That's totally unexpected.

But then God follows up with another miracle. Jesus becomes one of us, dies for us and rises from the dead. That's unexpected.

But the greatest miracle is that we get to call God "Father".

And that's gotta be worth celebrating with apple pie, ice cream and choc-chip cookies. Just don't weigh yourself afterwards.

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