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Why am I so bad at skateboarding?

Tue 21 Dec 2021
Are we born as good or bad people?
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I went to the skateboard park and tried the drop in on my skateboard: Out of 10 attempts, I crashed 8 times.

So was a I good skateboarder who crashed 8x? Or was I a bad skateboarder, who got lucky 2x?

This is like a bigger question in life: Are we born as good or bad people?

If we say we’re born good, what do we do when we fail? We have to punish ourselves, and try harder. And if we fail again, we need to be even harsher. But if we say we start off as bad, we can be kinder to ourselves if we fail.

The only way ahead is grace. We can’t save ourselves. We need a Saviour to come rescue us.

So which is it? The good news in the Bible, is that Jesus drops into our world – to save us because we cannot save ourselves. There is grace for us who fail. But the bad news is that a skateboard fail will still hurt.

For that you’re going to need a Panadol and a lie-down.

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