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Why is the action-packed Fast X so boring?

Slow and boring might be better
Sat 29 Jul 2023



Fast X is the 10th movie in the Fast & Furious franchise. Vin Diesel and his buddies do what they always do; they look great, they flex their muscles, they drive fast cars.

But critics complain that there's no actual story—there's only action for the sake of action.

That's why each Fast & Furious movie has to be more fast and more furious than the one before. But it works for Vin Diesel and his buddies. Because they look great, they have fast cars...

Oh, and they also have special effects.

What if we're not Vin Diesel? What if we don't look great? What is we drive slow cars? What if we have no "special effects"?

That's why Jesus says, "Follow me."

Jesus gives us the full life—life that's over the limit.

Jesus will be our story. Jesus will be our Fast & Furious, so we can be Slow & Boring.

But no, not in the overtaking lane. That's for Vin Diesel and his buddies.

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