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Who was Jesus?

Three ways of assessing His astonishing claims
Thu 5 Oct 2023



Who was Jesus? He was a remarkable man—but His true identity has occupied thinkers for centuries.

This question can actually be answered by reflecting on some of the astonishing claims Jesus made about Himself.

In fact, Jesus once made the audacious claim to be able to forgive sins—something only God alone can do.

So, at this point, Jesus was effectively claiming to be God.

So who did Jesus really think He was? Well, there are three ways of assessing Jesus' astonishing claim:

  • First, Jesus was wrong about being God and he knew it, so he was a liar.
  • Second, Jesus was wrong and he didn't know it, so he was crazy.
  • Or third, He wasn't wrong at all. He was speaking the truth, and if so, then He would truly be the Lord.

Liar, lunatic, or the Lord — the only three options.

So, who do you think Jesus was?

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