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Where's your treasure?

Fri 8 Jul 2022
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We all love a movie that involves buried treasure.

Be honest, we all dream of the day when we might stumble upon a map to a lost stash of unspeakable riches...

Yet, throughout most of these stories, the people who find this pot of gold either die or discover that the prize is more curse than blessing.

Not that finding an undiscovered fortune is terrible, but would it really provide you with the happiness you seek?

Jesus talked of this nugget of truth as He spoke of ‘true’ treasure, which cannot be stolen or won’t turn into dust. It has eternal value and is one that you don’t need to carry on your back.

The treasure that Jesus spoke of is the only one worth searching for in the end. Why not take the time to unearth the truths of this prize that he shared by reading one of his biographies today.

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