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What can we see in Zone of Interest?

Can Nazis be human beings?
Sun 7 Jul 2024

The recent Oscar winning film Zone of Interest made a controversial claim about the human condition.

The film was set in Auschwitz, but never shows anything going on inside the concentration camp. Instead the film’s focus was on the domestic life of the camp commander and his family.

The director Jonathan Glazer wanted the film to acknowledge these Nazis as human beings. Admitting that it “was a big part of the awfulness of this film, but [..] maybe we would see ourselves in them”. He wanted to show our similarities to the perpetrators.

It’s offensive to suggest that humans are more like Nazi war criminals than we could care to imagine. But the Bible agrees with Glazer’s assessment - that we are all flawed and sinful.

But the good news is that despite this, Jesus died for our sins offering life and forgiveness for absolutely anyone who believes in him.