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We Should Get Rid of Expiry Dates

Do we really need them?
Sat 18 Feb 2023

Did you know we don’t need expiry dates on most foods?

Apart from, say, deli meats and cheeses most foods are safe to eat way beyond their expiry dates. It’s not like butter or eggs suddenly become unsafe 1 minute after they’ve expired.

So why do we put expiry dates on our food?

Deep down expiry dates make us feel safe. But they also make us throw away good food that we could’ve eaten.

Often we choose safety but lose something in return.

For example, Jesus once met a rich man who hung onto his wealth. I’m sure his wealth made him feel safe.

But he missed out on something much better. Life with Jesus. Which is worth so much more in this life and the life to come.

So maybe it’s time we all did something a little dangerous.

Go on! Eat that yoghurt, drink that milk, and guzzle that pack of Tim Tams after they’ve expired. You will thank me later.

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