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We all love an underdog

Wed 22 Jun 2022
Underdog, Kurt Warner, NFL, Jesus

In the film American Underdog, the NFL coach Dick Vermeil of the Saint Louis Rams say, destiny belongs to the underdog.

He was saying this to his quarterback, Kurt Warner. An underdog who would go onto become one of the NFL's greatest players.

Ugh, another sport analogy, but even if you don’t like sport, one thing that stood out in this film was Kurt Warner’s Christian faith.

Did you know, the Bible is loaded with underdog stories.

The most important would have to be the one about Jesus. He was the ultimate underdog. He was born in a barn, raised in a backwater portion of the world, with no formal training, little known pedigree and he didn’t own any property.

Yet, he went on to change the world. An underdog who rose above expectation to fulfil his role as saviour of humanity. Sport analogy or not, I guess Coach Vermeil was right. We all love an underdog.

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